Dear Readers,

It has been brought to our attention that there are several people claiming that they are the assistant casting director/casting director for Dollface Magazine. From what we hear they contact people via Model Mayhem, Indeed and other job search platforms. We DON’T have anyone working specifically as a casting and/or assistant casting director for our magazine. We only work with renowned model agencies and we NEVER post casting calls via Model Mayhem, Indeed etc. To be more clear we AREN’T active on Model Mayhem and  Indeed so we are in NO way affiliated with these people who claim to work for Dollface Magazine!!!

As the scammers seem to use mainly Model Mayhem as a platform to contact their victims we only have a limited power to control this situation. We have notified Model mayhem previously to make sure that they would stop them. Unfortunately these scammers seem to continuously operate on Model Mayhem under different names. If you get approached by these scammers please report them to: [email protected] and/or phone: +1 310-280-4000 so they can go after them and make them stop.

We do NOT have anyone working for us with the names Robert Cole ([email protected] ) Phone:909-570-8406 or Warren Brown phone: 281-545-7427([email protected], Anthony Lorenze, Christian Glisson, David anderson, Ricardo Sam ([email protected]) Phone: 281-545-7427, Fred Board (541)632-3114, Sam Ricardo Phone: 281-545-7427, Brown Wesley ([email protected]) 281-545-7427 or Ryan Bedman phone 281-545-7427 ([email protected]) and his Model Mayhem#: 3120861 who are claiming to be (assistant) casting directors for us.These people are all SCAM ARTISTS, so be very careful!!

So if the email address is NOT from than that person is a scammer!
Once again if you get approached by these scammers on Model Mayhem please report them to: [email protected] or phone: +1 310-280-400o And if you get approached by these scammers on Indeed and/or other job search platforms please don’t hesitate to report them by contacting these platforms. It would be very helpful and appreciated!

To read our full scam alert message which includes an email example from theses scammers click here

Thank you!

The Dollface Magazine Team

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