• Snorkeling Tips for Your Next Summer Holiday!

    Sun, Sand and Sea without a Sunburn! Are you looking forward to your next summer holiday? Have you packed your new bikini and snorkel set yet? Thinking about what beach bag to bring? Here are a few more things to consider when packing for your trip! Getting a tan… If you are living in an area where summers can be cold and rainy (as in The Netherlands for sure) you are probably just as happy as I am when the sun is out and you can get a tan

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  • Five Travel Hacks For Packing Your Toiletry Bag!

    Weather you fly for a short weekend trip or a long travel adventure, these beauty case travel hacks will save you money, check-in weight and leaking worries! Especially budget airlines have strict rules regarding your check-in luggage. Often you get to take 20 KG, sometimes it is down to 10 KG to get to more remote places with small planes.

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  • 10 must see hidden destinations in South-East Asia!

    South-East Asia has more to offer than you can possibly see in your life. There are countries and places that many people visit, activities that ‘everybody’ does and pictures that pop up now and then on your friends Facebook pages. Let me give you some must sees in South-East Asia which you might have never heard off! Mostly it’s not easy to get to those places.

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  • The 7 Best SCUBA Diving Destinations for Beginners

    Where to start your SCUBA diving adventure? The feeling of being weightless underwater, the numerous wildlife encounters, the amazing colors and the thrill of treasure hunting for a creature you have never seen before… It has something magical, relaxing and adventurous at the same time.

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  • 7 must visit places

    There are so many gorgeous places we need to visit out there. But these 7 must visit places we’ve seen around the world so far are just incredible that we needed to share them with you! So start planning your travels this year with the help of our 7 must-visit places round up! –Santorini Greece Santorini is a perfect Greek island escape full of charming features.

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  • World’s Best Macarons “Luxemburgerli” from Sprüngli Zurich

    World famous signature macarons “Luxemburgerli” from Sprüngli chocolate shop and cafe on Bahnhofstrasse/Paradeplatz…Yummm the best we’ve ever tasted (especially the champagne flavor)! A must visit in Zurich! #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .

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