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  • Interview with upcoming photographer Joseph Chen!

    Fashion Photographer Joseph Chen’s childhood in Asia endowed him with a sense of resilience and an explosive work ethic. He devoted himself to learn more about fashion, even living above the modest clothing factory his uncle owned. His meticulous eye for making women and clothes look effortlessly beautiful lead him to Madrid, where he pursued his Masters degree.

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  • Interview with One to Watch Photographer Benjo Arwas

    Benjo Arwas was born in Tel Aviv, Israel. After spending 5 years in the army he grew a deep appreciation for life. Thirsty to experience the world, he began traveling. It was during these explorations that Benjo first picked up a camera and struck by its power; he bought it and began documenting his travels. Years later, his deep sense of awe and respect for a photograph’s power has not diminished but continues to motivate his creations.

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  • Interview with photographer Javier Galue

    Javier Galue was born in Cadiz, Spain. He has traveled to Latin-America, USA, Switzerland and  returned back  to Spain where he lives at the moment. He has studied architecture, film directing and film production. One day he realized he had more passion for photography than for making movies, so from that day on he started working for magazines.

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  • Interview with photographer Angela Marklew

    NAME: Angela Marklew OCCUPATION: Fashion and Beauty Photographer CURRENT CITY: Venice, California REPRESENTED BY: I’m not currently represented by anyone – although I would like to be! It would be nice to have someone else negotiate terms and conditions. WEBSITE: BLOG: FACEBOOK: Angela Marklew TWITTER: TUMBLR:  http://fstopinertia.tumblr.

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  • Interview with photographer TOMAAS

    NAME: TOMAAS OCCUPATION: Fashion and Beauty Photographer CURRENT CITY: New York REPRESENTED BY: Robert Bacall Representatives PERSONAL WEBSITE: TWITTER: DF- Could you tell us a little bit about yourself? T- Life is so fascinating. You can plan and prepare and hope, but life has just a funny way of placing you right where you need to be. My experience with photography began in front of the camera.

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  • Interview: Photographer Sylvia Krivickova

    NAME: Sylvia Krivickova OCCUPATION: Fashion and Advertising Photographer CURRENT CITY: New york WEBSITE: DF-In short, could you tell us who you are, where you’re originally from and where you live at the moment? SK-I’m a fashion and advertising photographer, originally from Slovakia now toggling between Florida and New York.

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