• Eat Yourself Beautiful!

    Thé solution for getting stunning looking skin are of course our amazing products. But for even more optimal results you should add the following foods to your daily meals to preserve elastin, produce collagen, for a radiant complexion & even skin tone. Improve skin’s texture Eat Flavonols. Foods that have this antioxidant could play a part in helping to reduce roughness in the skin: -blueberries, eggplants, tomatoes, and beans.

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  • Detox Time

    Get your body in a perfect shape for the summer with some exercise and detoxing! Drinking water all by itself is a way to help flush the body of toxins on a daily basis, but with a few simple ingredients you can transform water into detox water and get even more benefit from it! LEMON MINT CUCUMBER DETOX WATER •12 cups of water (3 quarts) •2 to 3 lemons, thinly sliced (you can also substitute limes or mix it up…using organic lemons/limes is

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  • The pH Miracle Diet!

    Every month we highlight a diet that we are excited about and want to share with you! This month we like to share The pH Miracle, as one of our Dollface employees mentioned this diet to us as she is a loyal follower for quite some time now. This diet exists for a couple of years already however, we are so enthusiastic about it and we want to put this diet in the spotlight. The pH Miracle After a few decades of research Dr. Robert O.

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