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Interview With Our Travel Contributor Marlies Wolters

By Dollface on 31st, May 2017 with no Comments in Bloggers Talk ,Interviews ,The Contributors

Marlies Wolters is one of the travel contributors for Dollface. With more countries visited than years of age, Marlies loves to share the beauty of travelling and learning from cultures differences. After working abroad as well as doing an MBA on international business this crazy Dutch abroad is haring all the fun you can have around the world. By being passionate about (teaching) scuba diving and tropical Islands she gives you the chance to follow her all over the world and share a smile.

Marlies is also a dive instructor (PADI IDCS).
With her other blog Dive o’Clock she wants to give you a better, smarter, easier way to get the right information for your diving adventures! She’ll share useful tips, compare dive destinations, dive equipment and more from an experienced dive professional.

 Marlies Wolters
OCCUPATION: Fultime Blogger (digital nomad)
HOME TOWN: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
CURRENT CITY: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
INSTAGRAM: crazydutchabroad diveoclock
crazydutchabroad diveoclock
cdabroad & diveoclock
crazy_dutch & diveoclock


DF- Favourite country?
Marlies – Thailand! The friendly people, colorful culture, tasty and healthy food and the muay thai which is my favorite sport (other than diving). Everything is amazing as long as you stay out of the huge tourist areas. In total I spend about 2 to 3 years here and I just keep coming back. Robbert-Jan and I did a crazy road trip on a scooter with side-span all over Thailand and Laos last year, 6000 KM, it was amazing.

DF- Favourite beach?
Marlies – Maldivian beaches! White sand, crystal clear warm waters and colorful reefs with so many fish and (friendly) sharks!

DF- What is your favourite food?
Marlies – Cheese and wine!!! You can wake me up for that!

DF- What is your favourite photo from your travels?
Marlies – This photo was taken in Mexico while snorkeling with hundreds of whale sharks!

DF- Worst meal you’ve ever had?
Marlies – In The Philippines they love to eat the things you normally throw out before cooking. The street food contains a lot of bones, intestines and tendons. Chicken head or feet, pork ears, embryos, etc. Especially the first days when I was in The Philippines I wanted to try everything, not the best idea.

DF- What is the oddest place you have ever spent the night?
Marlies – When I was traveling solo I have spend a few days sailing around the San Blas Islands in Panama. One night it was so warm I slept outside on the roof and looked at the stars, breathtaking moments! At one point it started raining…

DF- What are your top 5 traveling items?
Marlies – Flip-flops, local SIM-cards (for prepaid internet), power bank (recharge phone and camera), a tiny coffee maker (immersion heater) and my kick-boxing outfit to train wherever possible.

DF- What’s the next destination in your travel plans?
Marlies – After Bonaire we would love to explore other Islands / countries in the Caribbean like Cuba, Puerto Rico and maybe Belize.

DF- Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? Any personal goals?
Marlies – My dream is to keep traveling while working location independent, express my passions and help others. I would love to get better at different computer programs/coding, learning more about online business and maybe a PhD as I mentioned before. Other than that, just grow as a person and live the life I love.

DF- What advice/tips do you have for aspiring travelers?
Marlies – Do your research online and always compare sources before you choose a destination or book a trip. Searching practical information online and comparing prices is much more efficient and it saves you money. It is often cheaper to stay in amazing bungalows than (private rooms) in hostels if you book online, even last minute / the same day. The more flexible (and light) you travel, the more you can change things along the way. Book one night instead of one week for example, check the area with your own eyes first.

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