Five Travel Hacks For Packing Your Toiletry Bag!

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Weather you fly for a short weekend trip or a long travel adventure, these beauty case travel hacks will save you money, check-in weight and leaking worries!

Especially budget airlines have strict rules regarding your check-in luggage. Often you get to take 20 KG, sometimes it is down to 10 KG to get to more remote places with small planes.
While selecting the right clothes and shoes for your trip are always a struggle, the hard part is selecting what beauty products to bring and which ones to leave at home since they are too big, too heavy or just to vulnerable to fly with.
Since I fly quite often I learned a few things the hard way and downsized on my beauty products by becoming a master in smart buying and packing. Here are a few of my best travel hacks shared!

1. No more leaking bottles!

One of my worst fears when flying is leaking bottles. When you check-in your luggage and you see it dropping half a meter from belt to belt I already see myself cleaning my clean clothes when I arrive since a bottle has popped open. For me, having long hair, those tiny travel shampoo and hair conditioning bottles you can buy in the drug store are only good for 2-3 days and half of it always stays inside the bottle since you can not really squeeze them. Often they do not have my favorite brands in small bottles anyway. The same goes for those hand-luggage refill bottles, they are too small and too much sticks inside the bottle at the end of the day. Bringing big bottles is always a hassle with the size / fitting it in your toiletry bag and the weight. The problem most of those bottles have, they can still open accidentally – even if you tape the top with Scotch or Duct tape. To avoid your luggage full of liquid and an empty bottle of your favorite shampoo, shower gel or body lotion you need a bottle with a screw lid. One of the easiest and cheapest options is re-using a small empty water bottle. You do not need to rinse it, just let it dry and refill it with your favorite products. Make sure the size of the bottle fits your holiday needs and your toiletry bag or beauty-case.

2. Soap bars instead of liquid!

Old fashion? No way! As hip as ever are solid bars and they go a long way and weigh less than liquids for the same period! You can get all sorts of bars for all kinds of skin and hair types. Especially LUSH has the most amazing products. Shampoo, conditioner, body butter, facial cleaners and even scrub can be bought in a solid bar without plastic packaging and preservatives! Fresh and natural ingredients like lavender oil, shea butter, peppermint and almonds. All kinds of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and oils are added for great care and lovely scents.

3. Coconut oil!

There are so many uses for coconut oil, it replaces many other products and it is fully natural! Extra virgin coconut oil, or pure coconut oil, is white solid when it is colder than 24 degrees Celcius and transparent liquid when above. There are hundreds of uses for coconut oil and I have tried a lot. My favorites: To moisturize my skin, as a leave-in conditioner for my hair (especially for the ends), massage oil, light sun-protection (not a replacement for sunscreen!) and to relief insect bites (less pain and itching). Coconut oil rejuvenates, smooths and moisturizes the skin as it is a hydrator/antioxidant. The oil pulling (coconut oil as mouthwash) is not one of my favorites, but you can ty it! Other than beauty uses I am happy about using it as cooking oil, as butter on bread and even for quick leather care.

4. Brush without handle

As easy as it sounds, you can save about half the size of your brush if you bring one without a handle! A friend of mine is a professional hair dresser and ones she showed me a Tangle Teezer I was hooked. Even before I was traveling I used a Tangle Teezer all the time. It is great for my long hair that is often tangled, it detangles painlessly without a lot of hair loss. The one I carry is compact round shaped with a lid so the bristles do not bend while traveling.

5. Buy regular products at your destination

If you are in real need of space or looking for a way to loose more travel weight, buy the regular beauty products at your new destination. Sun screen, tooth paste and even cotton pads can be bought in almost every convenient store or supermarket. Just bring a tiny toothpaste tube and toothbrush in your carry-on luggage and you have enough to brush your teeth after your flight and the first morning. Even shampoo and conditioner are easy to buy if you use common brands.

When you have selected and re-packed the items you are bringing make sure the toiletry bag or beauty case can hold a bit of liquid for worst case scenarios. Leave your beautiful cotton flower pouch at home or wrap it in a strong plastic bag before putting it in your suitcase. This way you immediately have a re-usable shopping bag as well! For more travel essentials and gadgets please visit
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