Part 2 Of The Exclusive Interview With One To Watch Singer Bright Lights!

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This is the second part of the exclusive interview with Bright Lights. In the first part of the interview ( Bright Lights talked about her background, how her career started, where the name Bright Lights comes from, how important fashion is to her and about her debut single “Runaway”.

Bright Lights is an American pop singer-songwriter who has recently exploded into the dance world. Her powerful voice and beautiful compositions makes her one of the most sought after singers in all of electronic music. Responsible for several career-defining hits including Porter Robinson’s “Language,” Hardwell’s “Never Say Goodbye,” “Thomas Gold’s “Believe,” and3LAU’s “How You Love Me,” she is also featured on Zedd’s #1 Clarity album.

In addition to her singing, Bright Lights is also Grammy-nominated for her songwriting on Justin Bieber’s“Somebody To Love”and Fantasia’s “Even Angels.” With her debut single “Runaway (Feat. 3LAU)” racing up the charts, full-length album in the works, and support from the many artists she has helped along the way, Bright Lights is quickly becoming an international fan favorite.

Name: Bright Lights (Heather Bright)
Current City: 
Las Vegas


DF- How did you feel when you heard your very first track on the radio?
Bright Lights- That never gets old. Even if it’s a song that I wrote and I’m not actually singing on it, anything that I have a part of that I hear on the radio… you just get butterflies every time. It’s like waking up to a beautiful view. Like this could never get old. It’s also different if you hear your music on FM radio. Satellite radio is great, but FM radio is classic. In America FM radio determines the success of most artists. So for a dance artist, for my first record ever out the gate, to be on FM radio in America to be on top 40 pop stations, I wasn’t expecting that I really wasn’t.

DF What are your music plans over the next couple of months?
Bright Lights- My new song that just came out is the “Heartless” record. The next single is scheduled for the end of March/beginning of April. A lot of the new songs that I’ve been writing, I’m just so proud of. We contemplated switching out the next single for one of the newer ones, but I just loved the next one so much and I hope you guys will too.

DF-You’re busy with a documentary series. Could you tell us more about that?
Bright Lights- I’m actually wrapping that up right now and it’s being finalized. I’m really proud of it. We put a lot of work into it. I wanted to do a video series that was a little bit more personal more in depth, compared to other ones. I wanted to talk about fashion, about my parents and where I came from. I wanted it to be fun but also inspirational. They’re 3 minutes episodes and they’ll air once a week. I think it’s important to have a “behind the scenes” part in the series. Cause everybody is going to have show footage. There’s always cameras at the show. What’s important to me is how you’re waking up in the morning, what do you eat in the morning, what’s a typical day or how does a release day of a record looks like and so on. For me that’s what this series was more about. A more personal, in depth documentary.


DF-How does a typical day looks like for you?
Bright Lights- I kinda have typical days but they’re all different in their own way and that’s what I love about being an artist. I’ll tell you my day today:
I wake up in the morning, I have an interview, I’m probably going to eat breakfast right after the interview. I have a video conference with my production team and editing team for the documentary series, because we’re finalising the first 4 episodes today. And then I’ll have to make some vocals for a new song and have to get those to the producer. My song Runaway went to the top 40 campaign today, so I have to get on the phone with my label today. And then later tonight I have a conference call with the producer who’s mixing and mastering the next single. As you can see it’s all different kind of things that I’m doing. That’s what I love about my life right now. Every day is different. It’s all so much fun to me.

DF-Which artist you’d love to record a song with?
Bright Lights- I love other artists. I’m always down to collaborate. Some of my favorite artist right now are pop artists. I’m a pop girl at heart. I grew up listening to Britney Spears, Usher and The Backstreet Boys. I really love great songs. That’s why I became a songwriter, because I love well written songs.
In my opinion pop songs and country songs can be some of the best written songs. Just because a single is catchy doesn’t mean it’s good. I love pop artists like The Weekend or Beyonce, I’m a huge fan of her. I love all the songs that Ariana Grande is recording. Alessia Cara is a new artist that I love. It’s a classic catalogue that like 20 years from now we still want to listen to. That’s the kind of music that I like, that’s the kind of music that I make I hope… I hope that people wanna hear my music in 20 years :)!
It’s really a cool time. I have the opportunity to make the kind of music that I want to make. I spend my whole career so far making music that other people want to make, not that I didn’t love what I was making but I made it because they wanted to write about this and that etc. This is the first time that I can ask myself: “What do I want to make?” I feel very lucky and blessed to even be in this position at all.

DF-Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?
Bright Lights- In 5 years I would love to be on the same stage every day and just give the most amazing show. If you come to Vegas or you go to New York I want that people say: “You have to see The Bright Lights Show”.

DF- New York or LA?
Bright Lights- At the moment LA. If I could move back to New York right now, I would love that but it’s just wouldn’t quite make sense cause the business isn’t really there anymore. All of the biggest songwriters, producers and a lot of executives all moved to LA. You get more space for what you pay.
For up and coming artists I would definitely say LA. LA is where I got my start. It’s where you collaborate with everybody you’ll meet. And you’ll meet everybody you need to meet.

DF- What advise do you have for aspiring singers and songwriters?
Bright Lights- You better get your thick skin together. It’s not an easy business. It’s not for people who want to dibble dabble. This has to be your whole life. If you love it enough, it will love you back. But you’ll have to give your life to it to make it work!

DF- Thanks so much Heather for your time and for this great interview!

Twitter: @brightlights333
SoundCloud: @brightlights333

Special thanks to Chad Schubert from EMC|Bowery
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