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The Best Face Moisturizer

By Dollface on 18th, February 2016 with no Comments in Beauty ,Skin Care

Moisture, which is nothing more than water, keeps skin comfortably hydrated, healthy, and beautiful. Face moisturizers work not by adding moisture on top of our skin, but by keeping the moisture that’s already there safely inside and up near the surface.

To start the search for the best facial moisturizers, our friends at the scoured the ingredients lists of 219 facial moisturizers recommended this year by top beauty publications and a range of retailers; consulted with dermatologists, skincare product developers, and cosmetic chemists on what skin truly needs to be moisturized; and guinea pigged the eight finalists themselves to determine the best.

To narrow that giant list down to eight finalists, the team of surveyed 196 dermatologists, cosmetic chemists, and aestheticians, and went more in-depth with five skincare experts. They also looked up a lot of ingredients, parsed through FDA documentation, dug into the big skincare debates — and perused more than a few beauty mags.

Early on in their 75 man-hours of research, they learned that if you’re going to be awake during daylight hours, sun protection is an absolute necessity. They also learned that there’s a lot facial moisturizer can do in the hours you’re asleep, when sun protection is unnecessary.
With that in mind, they approached their list of 219 products with unique day and night criteria. To read the full article and to find out which day moisturizer is tested as the best one and which other ones follow, visit 





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