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Interview With One To Watch Illustrator Martina Pavlova!

By Dollface on 5th, January 2016 with no Comments in Designers Talk ,Interviews

Martina Pavlova is an amazing lifestyle illustrator and has illustrated more than 20 books, worked for many magazines and renowned brands worldwide, including L’Oréal, Mary Kay and Avon. We think she is super talented and definitely an One To Watch!

Martina Pavlova
Occupation: freelance lifestyle illustrator
Current City: Marbella, Spain
DF- Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?
MP- I’m a lifestyle illustrator, globetrotter, citizen of the Earth.
I’ve studied fashion design, worked for several glossy magazines, lived in 7 different countries.
I’ve illustrated more than 20 books, worked with many magazines and many renowed brands worldwide, including L’Oréal, Mary Kay and Avon.
I’m dreaming of visiting Korea and having my own big studio that I can keep creatively messy all the time…
DF- Where’s home at the moment?
MP- Sunny south of Spain
DF- What did you wanted to become when you were little?
MP- I wanted to become an actress. All my life until recently 🙂
DF- Could you describe a typical day?
MP- Every day is slightly different, regardless if its Monday or Sunday, I guess no freelancer distinguishes that. In general, it may look like this: breakfast, work, gym, work, lunch, work, work, work, dinner, work, movie, sleep. Repeat. Pretty simple and boring, that’s why I add “travel” to it as often as possible.

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DF-What are three words that describe your work?
MP- stylish, modern, feminine.
DF- When did you realize you wanted to become an illustrator?
MP- I have been creative all my life but actually I never dreamed about being an illustrator as such, it just happened organically.
DF- How long have you been an illustrator?
MP- For about 12 years as a part time job/hobby, full time about 3 years.
DF-How did you get your first illustration job?
MP- I used to work as a fashion editor for several lifestyle magazines. Once we just couldn’t find any photos to fit the article I wrote so I simply drew it myself. Later I made press conference invitations for several brands I used to work with and I actually got invited to some conferences with my own designs, which was pretty cool 🙂
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DF- Did you study illustration/art in college? And if so, is studying illustration/art in college worth the cost or do you recommend an alternative?
MP- I actually studied fashion design. There is some connection with fashion illustration although I never had any fashion illustration classes there (which is strange, I know!) Later, even though I have never done what I studied professionaly, my work has always been connected with fashion.

To be honest, four years at uni was quite a waste of time for me. Profesionally and personally too I lost more that I gained there, but I guess that depends on what University you study. However, I believe that if you are interested in any artistic/creative job, in reality all you need is practice and work experiences/internship. Unfortunately, no school will prepare you for the real life and things you will have to face when freelancing.

DF-Where should a person start if they want to pursue a career in illustration?
MP- Draw a lot, experiment with different styles and media, be creative and find out what you like the most (be it style, media, fashion on children’s illustration). Dream big and dont be afraid to be different.
DF-What helps you to be more creative?
MP- Sunny days, challenging orders, travelling and my IG fans because I don’t want them to get bored 🙂
DF- What has been your favorite assignment so far? And your biggest?
MP- I have never had any ambitions doing book illustrations but I must admit I now enjoy it a lot. Its very rewarding – not in money (which is not so good), but in seeing my work alive, holding the book, flipping through pages… Its a great feeling!
My biggest work so far was an illustration for L’Oréal cosmetic brand which was a great experience in many ways.
DF- Do you think an illustrator needs a style? Why? Do you have tips on developing an illustration style?
MP- In a perfect world, no. In a commercial world, yes. Your own style defines your work and makes you special and memorable. To develope your own style, just practice, practice, practice, try new things, different media, different styles. Eventually you will find your own style, that suits your personality and niche.
DF- Who are some of your favorite illustrators and why?
MP- Helena Zmatlikova – Czech artist who illustrated more than 300 books! Isn’t it amazing??
Jason Brooks – digital illustration pioneer, first fashion illustrator that catched my attention many years ago
Arturo Elena – his excentric, super colorful and super detailed work is just stunning!
DF- Do you make everything by hand or do you use a special editing program?
MP- I use variety of media to create my work. I usually make a very rough sketch with pencil, then I play with details using markers, colored pencils or watercolors or I edit it on computer and then add some special handmade details to the final image. When I have enough time, I just love to experiment.
DF- What’s the hardest part of your job?
MP- All the things that most artistic people find impossible, like getting new clients and all marketing stuff. You either have a creative talent or business talent. You can’t have both I think 🙂
DF- What is your working environment like?
MP- Spanish homes are super tiny so unfortunately there is no place for my own office/studio. I share a work space with my husband – our living room serves as a family room, dining room, and an office. We are easy, as we travel a lot we are both used to work from just anywhere. Its very convinient and gives us a lot of freedom. Which is far more important that a big office (still, I would be happy to have one LOL)
DF- Top 5 of your favorite things?
MP- Travelling, sunny days, fashion, jewellery, eating out (I hate cooking!)
DF- Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? Any personal goals?
MP- I would love to earn enough to buy myself a Masseratti 🙂 Just joking. I am pretty modest. All I need are nice creative clients who don’t want me to work for free…
DF-What advice do you have for aspiring illustrators?
MP- As I mentioned before, practice, practice, practice. And get some marketing education/classes if possible.

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