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Interview With One To Watch Makeup Artist Natasha Papadopoulos!

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Natasha Papadopoulos is a Professional Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist currently living in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa. She studied at The Makeup Issue in Cape Town in 2006, where she gained invaluable knowledge about the industry and mastered the art of beauty makeup, avant garde makeup, bridal makeup, special effects makeup and more. After that she started working for Makeup Forever and as a freelancer. In 2010 she moved to Cyprus where she began working for Mac Cosmetics. 2012 brought her back to Cape Town. And at the moment Natasha is freelancing full time.

NAME: Natasha Papadopoulos
OCCUPATION: Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist
INSTAGRAM: tash_pops
FACEBOOK: Natasha Papadopoulos Makeup Artist
TWITTER: @natashapapadop

Makeup Artist Natascha Papadopoulos

Makeup Artist Natascha Papadopoulos

DF- Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?
NP- I’m 28, Greek Orthodox, born and raised in South Africa. I am a Scorpion, a fake red head and I
am newly engaged. I love to cook and I could go shopping every day.

DF- Where’s home at the moment?
NP- At the moment I live in Cape Town

DF-Could you describe a typical day?
NP- My day usually starts the night before. I try prep for the next day as best I can so that my day runssmoothly and efficiently. If I’m not working I start my day at Crossfit, but if I am working, most days are consumed with gorgeous models, photographers, and plenty creativity.

DF- What did you wanted to become when you were little?
NP- Gosh! I had no idea, I was totally clueless.

DF- How long have you been a makeup artist?
NP- I started my journey as a makeup artist in 2006.

DF- Who or what influenced you to become a makeup artist?
NP- At a young age I remember my mom would dress me up and do my hair and makeup, and then take photos of me. I suppose that played a huge role in the bigger scheme of things to what influenced me to become a makeup artist.

DF-Did you go to a makeup school or are you self-taught?
NP- I studied at The Makeup-Issue in Kloof Street, Gardens. It was a 6 month course for both hair and makeup.

DF- What was your first makeup job? How did you get it?
NP- My first Makeup job was at Makeup Forever (now called Metropolitan Cosmetics). They had a store at the V&A in Cape Town and my roommate at the time worked there, so she told me to apply and I did.

DF- What is the toughest part of your job?
NP- I am not a morning person! I love my sleep and being in this industry is all about those early call times. I have to force myself to get up for those 05:00 call times, but once I’m on the job I forget all about the time.

DF- What do you like the most about being a makeup artist?
NP-I love the chance to be creative and push the boundaries. There is so much you can do with makeup, just a simple line can change everything. It so exciting having a vision and seeing it shape itself into a piece of art on the face.

DF- Who or what are your inspirations?
NP-There are so many makeup artists that inspire me, Pat McGrath, Alex Box, our very own local Michelle-Lee Collins, but my ultimate inspiration is Val Garland. Her work is flawless.

DF-What has been your favorite shoot so far?
NP- One of my favourite shoots was a beauty shoot for A Fashion Friend. It was a glitter story where we
had huge bags of glitter that I had to play around with. We ended up covering the models entire face
with glitter, and we did an ombre of glitter on her hair. The whole studio and I were covered in glitter.

aff49_beauty_01 aff49_beauty_04 aff49_beauty_05

DF- Is there a certain photographer you would love to work with?
NP- Yes!! Daniella Midenge – It would be a dream come true to work with her.

DF- How do you prepare yourself for a shoot?
NP- I usually like it when a brief is sent to me. It helps me get into the feel and mood of the shoot. I then start brainstorming makeup ideas and pack my kit accordingly.

DF- For which celebrity would you love to work?
NP- I would love to work with Beyoncé Knowles. She has the most amazing face for makeup, and she seems like she is really down to earth.

DF- How important is social media for your work?
NP- Social Media is so vital in today’s world. Without it I wouldn’t be where I am today. If people don’t have some sort of platform to view your work, they just won’t book you.

DF- What are your favorite makeup brands?
NP- I love MAC… it consumes most of my kit. You simply can’t go wrong using their products. I also enjoy using NYX, they have great lip shades that become more of a stain, without drying out your lips.

DF- Which brand makes the best makeup brushes?
 I use MAC brushes, but I also like the Sigma brushes.

DF-Which skincare products would you recommend?
 Elizabeth Arden… I’m in love with their 8 hour cream. I use it for everything!!!

DF- What are the most important makeup must-have products?
NP- A great moisturizer, nothing worse than dry skin. A mascara that gives you great volume, and every girl should have a red lipstick.

DF-What products do you buy at the drugstore for your work?
NP- If I find a great lipstick colour or an eye shadow that catches my eye, but I usually buy tissues, wet wipes, cotton buds.

DF-Would you ever want to start your own makeup line?
NP- Yes definitely. That would be so exciting and something that has crossed my mind.

DF-Which makeup products do we need to create “the perfect makeup face” in 5 minutes?
NP- MAC Strobe Cream, BB Cream, NYX Pen Liquid Liner, MAC Zoom Fast Mascara, a brown eye shadow that can double up as an eyebrow filler, and then a lipstick in a blush shade which can double up as a cream blush, ooh and don’t forget a highlighter for the cheek bones

DF- Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? Any personal goals?
NP- In 5 years I hope to be one of those household names that other makeup artists look up to, and with that travelling the world for my work. I do eventually want to open up a shop where clients can come get their makeup done for events.

DF- What advice do you have for someone who wants to become a makeup artist?
NP- Give it horns! If you want something bad enough, you won’t make excuses, just work hard for it. I
have had lots of people shutting doors on me but something kept telling me to push on. I really am living my dream. Your passion and love for what you do will show through in your work. Keep learning, keep knocking on doors, it just takes one person to see your potential.

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Ronette L @ Boss Models, Photography by Marnus Meyer, Makeup and hair by Natasha Papadopoulus

Ronette L @ Boss Models, Photography by Marnus Meyer, Makeup and hair by Natasha Papadopoulus


Model: Kat @ Topco, Styling by Sandra van der merwe, Makeup and hair by Natasha Papadopoulos, Photography by Marnus Meyer

Model: Kat @ Topco, Styling by Sandra van der merwe, Makeup and hair by Natasha Papadopoulos, Photography by Marnus Meyer

World-of-Watches-editorial-010 (954x1280)IMG_6265

Kelly Wren @ Boss Models, Makeup and Hair by Natasha Papadopoulus, Styling by Megan Mathee, Photography by Marnus Meyer

Kelly Wren @ Boss Models, Makeup and Hair by Natasha Papadopoulus, Styling by Megan Mathee, Photography by Marnus Meyer

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