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Interview With Our New Beauty Blogger Roisin!

By Dollface on 28th, May 2015 with no Comments in Bloggers Talk ,Interviews ,The Contributors

We’re very excited to announce that lovely Roisin joined our Dollface team as one of our beauty bloggers! Roisin is originally from Dublin and she’s the founder of the beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog “The Fashionista Observer”!

 Roisin Scanlan
OCCUPATION: Blogger & Junior PR Exec
DF- Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?
RS- My name is Roisin, I’m 23 and I am born and breed in Dublin, Ireland. I’m an only child and obsessive hoarder of make up and handbags. I graduated from a Marketing & Event Management degree 2 years ago and now I’m working in my dream role as a PR executive. I love nothing more than a night in with my boyfriend, wine and cuddling one of my puppy’s, I’ve turned into a boring old lady I know!!

DF- Where’s home at the moment?
RS- Still with mom and dad! Looking at so many apartments with my boyfriend, John, but we also have been looking at moving away for a little adventure, here’s hoping that Dubai in 2016 happens!
DF- What did you wanted to become when you were little?
RS- I was between 2 career paths when I was little! One being the next Britney Spears and the other being a Princess. I was dead set on them both but unfortunately no auto tune will help me and Prince Harry has yet to add me on Facebook!
DF- Could you describe a typical day?
RS- Wake up far to early for my liking and either go spinning, which is a rare choice unfortunately at the moment, or head back for a few sleeps. Once dressed and have my make up on, I head of to work which is a good hour away so I answer emails on the train, catch up on Twitter. I work my day away until 5, sometimes I’ll write up posts at lunch if I have the photos prepped, then either it’s an evening event for a make up or fashion brand or I head home to do a few blog posts and indulge in every reality show imaginable over wine!
DF- What is your working environment like?  Do you blog from home, an office or cafe?
RS- I work in an office 9-5 Monday to Friday so blogging is usually from my desk during lunch or at home in the evening. On the weekends I love to pop into a Starbucks and set up my office for a few hours, I find it a lot less distracting than if I was at home.
DF- Have you always been interested in beauty & fashion?
RS- Yes! I was such a girly girl with make up when I was a kid. Mum doesn’t wear any so it was my Granny who showed me everything thing I know. I was painting nails by 5 and rocking a good brow by 11 but that was it. Bar a dabble in blue eyeliner at 7 it wasn’t until about 13 until I tried foundations and that was a train wreck for a while. I’m so jealous of kids now as they have YouTube to show them how to do everything properly. With fashion it was Gran again! I used to walk around in her heels so she decided to show me how to walk in them properly and also introduce me to all of her favorite designers at a young age, some now I’ve invested in and love more than anything.
DF- What does beauty mean to you?
RS- I have always said that underneath makeup every person is beautiful. It sounds so cheesy but no one person can depict what’s pretty and what’s not. Beauty really is within as personalities of people play a huge role in how other perceive them over their good brows.
DF-Who or what gave you inspiration to start your own beauty & fashion blog?
RS- My blog actually started out of boredom. When I was supposed to be studying for exams I decided to start a blog and try my hand at being the next Blonde Salad. That has yet to happen but over the last 5 years I have loved every minute off it and experienced things I never could have imagined I would have.
DF-Which bloggers give you inspiration?
RS- I get inspiration from a variety of bloggers. I really look up to Rosie The Londoner for fashion and Laura from Buy Now Blog Later for beauty related posts. Both are so incredibly talented and always find a way to come up with fresh content.
DF- Do you meet up with other bloggers in person? Could you tell us who?
RS- I’m very lucky that the blogger scene in Dublin is so tight knit and its like being with friends you’ve known for years. The one I meet up with most often, and is more of a friend than just blogger related, is Sian from Forever Fabulous in Bows. Now only is she beautiful on the inside and out she is the most caring person I have ever met and only a text away at any time.
DF- How long have you been a beauty & fashion blogger?
RS- This past March, The Fashionista Observer turned 5!!! I still cant believe I’ve been blogging away for 5 full years! I’ve loved every moment of it and couldn’t imagine my life without blogging being a part of it.
DF- What are your favorite makeup brands?
RS- It’s going to sound so cliche but I adore MAC as a brand. They have a really versatility range and not terribly overpriced so I don’t feel that guilty when I go on a splurge. If I really want to treat myself I will either buy Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and most recently I have been loving Charlotte Tilbury.
DF-Which skincare products would you recommend?
RS- My skincare routine has really taken a while to figure out but at the moment my skin has never looked better. Currently I’m using Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Exfoliater every 2/3 days, Herbalife SKIN Energizing Herbal Toner, Ren Beauty Shot and  The Pink Cow Brand Face moisturizer every morning. Every few nights I will use my Lancome Hydra Intense mask if my skin is feeling or looking a little dry.
DF- Do you approach brands for collaborations?
RS- I do, I think as a blogger your in an industry where you aren’t the only one, and there is always someone better and more confident than you so don’t waste time sitting back waiting for brands to come to you, if you want to work with a brand on a collaboration than email them. The worse thing that could happen is they say no, or don’t email back.
DF- How did blogging influenced your professional career?
RS- I wouldn’t say it has had a huge impact but it really is valuable when contacting bloggers and media with products as I have an idea of the best way to approach using different tactics brands have with me.
DF- Do you blog full time or do you work next to it? And if so what kind of work do you do?
RS- I did do a bit of full time blogging at the beginning of the year, but unfortunately full time blogging doesn’t help fund my handbag collection. I started in my current job in Natural Beauty PR in April so I’m still new to it but loving it!
DF- How important is social media for your blog?
RS- Social media is probably the most important thing next to actually having a blog. I also think it has huge importance to my own work in PR as well. It’s an incredible tool that really allows you to connect with your audience and peers on a more personal level than just through your blog alone. I love to see the real-time activities of people I follow and admire.
DF- how did Instagram influenced your blog?
RS- Instagram is only a relatively new aspect to my blog. I’ve had it for quite a while now, nearly 3 years, but only recently have I started to integrate blog content and promoting new posts. I’ve found it really helpful and its great as it drives a new audience that wouldn’t have seen your blog before hand.
DF-What are some of your goals with your blog?
RS- I would ideally love to use my blog as a full time job but that’s not always possible so for the moment I would love to integrate more fashion posts into my blog, as a few years ago that was all I would do, so now I want to find a healthy balance between fashion and beauty.
DF- Which fashion designers and fashion & beauty bloggers do you admire?
RS- I have such an array of designers and brands I love. For handbags I adore Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Givenchy, all of which I am very fortunate to own! For clothes I love to mix high end and high street! The majority of my wardrobe is from Zara and Asos with key pieces from Alexander McQueen and  Zadig and Voltaire to dress up my outfits. For bloggers I love Aimee Songs style and of course The Londoner. Both have such incredible ways of layering and using simple pieces to create amazing outfits.
DF- isn’t it hard to come up with a new post every time?
RS- It is fairly difficult. I go through times of having no ideas or having loads of ideas. I like to mix things up every other day but I also have my old faithfuls in my monthly favorites and blogger tag posts which are great if your having a bit of a blogger block moment.
DF- Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? Any personal goals?
RS- 5 years from now I would love to be living in either London, New York or Dubai. All of which are thankfully a wish of me and the boyfriends so here’s hoping. Honestly I just really hope I’m happy and healthy in 5 years as I really wouldn’t change much of what I’m doing now. I’m very content.
DF-What advice do you have for aspiring beauty & fashion bloggers?
RS- It’s not easy too start, you will find it difficult at the beginning to gain followers and find your feet but don’t give up, don’t buy followers and stay true to who you are instead of mimicking someone else. People will love you for you not a clone of another blogger.

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