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Stunning hair results with best kept secret Rahua!

I’m a huge fan of organic natural products. So I was really excited when I received the Rahua products. 2 years ago I dyed my hair blonde and my hair is still trying to recover from that. It’s very dry and fragile, especially the ends tend to split easily.

What I immediately loved about Rahua was the beautiful natural smell. The Ruhua shampoo, conditioner (for color treated hair) and hair mask have a lovely amber, wooden kind of smell. I guess it actually smells like the rainforest!
The shampoo ($32) has a thick maple syrup like substance. This shampoo doesn’t foam as much as other (chemical) shampoos, so don’t let yourself be fooled by that thinking you didn’t use enough of this shampoo. No foaming agents are added to Rahua in contrast to some other shampoos.
The conditioner ($34) has a more thicker and creamy consistency than your typical conditioner. You can actually also use this conditioner as a styling cream to add control and prevent frizz.
The omega 9 hair mask ($58) is made of a more thinner and lighter consistency. My advice is to leave the mask in your hair over night. Your hair will be super shiny, strong, soft and bouncy as you’ve never seen before!

After using these products I noticed a major change of my hair. My hair is shining again and it feels soft and silky and my hair has lots of volume!

Also I have a sensitive scalp and several previous shampoos and conditioners from well known brands caused irritation like pain and redness of my scalp. With Rahua’s products I’ve experienced no irritation at all. Now I actually look forward to washing my hair! You can read more about the products of Rahua here.

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