Monthly Archives: December 2012

  • Interview with One to Watch Photographer Benjo Arwas

    Benjo Arwas was born in Tel Aviv, Israel. After spending 5 years in the army he grew a deep appreciation for life. Thirsty to experience the world, he began traveling. It was during these explorations that Benjo first picked up a camera and struck by its power; he bought it and began documenting his travels. Years later, his deep sense of awe and respect for a photograph’s power has not diminished but continues to motivate his creations.

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  • Delicious Hot Chocolate Spoons Great For This Holiday Season!

    These hot chocolate spoons make THE most amazing hot chocolate in your own home. They’re from a online shop called Le Comptoir de Mathilde and you can buy them in packs of 3. They come in several delicious flavours. Our favourites are the salted caramel and white chocolate and strawberry flavours. You just heat up some milk, pop one of these in and give them a good stir.

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  • Interview with photographer Javier Galue

    Javier Galue was born in Cadiz, Spain. He has traveled to Latin-America, USA, Switzerland and  returned back  to Spain where he lives at the moment. He has studied architecture, film directing and film production. One day he realized he had more passion for photography than for making movies, so from that day on he started working for magazines.

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