The pH Miracle Diet!

Every month we highlight a diet that we are excited about and want to share with you! This month we like to share The pH Miracle, as one of our Dollface employees mentioned this diet to us as she is a loyal follower for quite some time now. This diet exists for a couple of years already however, we are so enthusiastic about it and we want to put this diet in the spotlight.

The pH Miracle
After a few decades of research Dr. Robert O. Young and Shelley Redford Young have created a diet and a new way of living.  Their findings are compiled in a book called:

“The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health”

Dr. Young and his wife Shelley believe that diseases come from germs which invade the body from the outside. They found out that when the body is in it’s healthy alkaline balance (pH balance) germs are unable to grab onto the body. When you take the wrong nutrition your body gets an unhealthy alkaline balance, so it’s more vulnerable to germs which make the body sick.

The pH Miracle is for people whose body is out of balance in terms of weight, health or energy. One of the main causes is by eating different types of food that makes our body too much acid. This makes our pH level (the acid-alkaline measurement) out of balance.
The pH Miracle sheds light on the surprising benefits of reducing acid, or ‘Alkalizing’ the body using natural resources, and supplements like SuperGreens and Prime pH.

How Does It Work?
According to Dr. Robert Young and his wife Shelley, you have to eat at least 80% alkaline food, which gives you new energy; a great immune system; weight loss and improved skin. And ladies, this includes less cellulite!

Alkaline diet list
So this sounds good to us,  but what do we have to eat in order to get the perfect healthy body? Well, it is not that difficult actually, just follow the chart below. Remember, try to eat 80% alkaline nutrition and 20% acid nutrition. And it’s easier and more fun when you create your own recipe and mix it into a healthy drink. Cheers!


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