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Photo Submission Requirements

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After research we’ve discovered that almost all the model agencies like to receive the model submissions via email instead of sending them via (post)mail. Hereunder you’ll find the photo requirements from the agencies for you to pay attention too before you email your photos. Because we would like you to make the best possible impression with the agencies. By the way, if you intend to go to an open call, please also follow the photo guideline presented hereunder regarding to the photos you’re bringing. Agencies love models who are completely prepared:)

Email Photo Submission Requirements:
All pictures should be in digital form, preferably in .jpg format scanned in 72 dpi. Do not send large files, so keep each picture under 1MB. If you have your pictures already printed out but you don’t have them scanned in to email them, and you don’t have a scanner at home there’s an the easy way to accomplish this. Just take them to a copy center or photography store that has a picture scanner. They will put your pictures on a CD and you can email them to the agency. To ensure that your pictures will open so the agency can see them, make sure you add them as an attachment. You can send yourself first a test mail with your pictures attached so you can see if you can open your pictures and to see the overall look of your email. If everything looks great, send it to the agency.
You should not wear any make up in your pictures. It is best if they can see you natural skin tone.
Color pictures
Headshot straight on.
Headshot profile.
3/4 shot straight on.
Full length body shot. And of course, if you have already a composite card or if you have already a portfolio you can send them next to some of these snap shots or Polaroids.
Wear a swimsuit/ boxer shorts. Please DO NOT send any nude photographs. Keep your submissions limited to these requirements, sending a large amount of pictures doesn’t help the agency, they will ask for more if they need it.
Wear in 1 photo jeans with a simple tank top or T-shirt.
Do not smile.
Do not pose.
Shoot with a plain or simple background behind you.
Keep your hair pulled back and out of your face in at least 2x pictures. (a front and profile shot)
Make sure to include all your statistics including, age, birth date, height and measurements.
-If you are female your measurements must include your height, bust, waist, hips, hair color and eye color, shoe size and dress size. If you are male your measurements must include your height, chest, waist, inseam, hair color and eye color, shoe size and suit size.
If an agent is interested in you, they will most definitely contact you. Therefore, please remember to include you contact information including your email address, phone number or address.
Remember: If an agency is not interested in you, do not be discouraged. There are many good agencies, and every agency is looking for something different. It may be that your look was not right for them at the time of your submission.

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