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  • MR Larkin’s for The Green Shows NY ’09

    I’m all for eco-friendly clothes and so I was very thrilled to go to the Green shows, which were held in Soho. MR LARKIN started the shows first.The entire collection was very impressive. The colors of the collection were very natural and the overall feeling of the collection was a mixed of the last century fashion and the 1920-1940 fashion.

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  • New York Fashion Week Iris Loeffler Spring Collection 2010

    After running around town on the first day of Fashion Week, I’d arrived late in the afternoon at the Cell Theatre on the West Side of Manhattan where the German transplant designer Iris Loeffler held her presentation for Fashion Week. Most of the guests had arrived already and everyone was looking for a place to sit or stand. After 10 min the lights went of and a short video was shown of her designs in a quite artistic but very impressive way.

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  • Prince Peter Presentation NY 09/09

    Fashion Week NY 09/09 Prince Peter Presentation! While sitting exhausted in my apartment, I realized when I looked around me that my apartment needed urgently and instantly a clean up session! Every where around my bed were gift bags, brochures, clothes and make-up. These were all clearly the traces of someone who had been running around non stop. When I looked at my feet it was hard for me to distinguish my one toe from the other.

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  • Hayden Harnet Does It Again

    Hayden Harnett is on a roll again with their new 2010 spring collection! Also this time one of my favorite brands Hayden Harnett (HH), were having a presentation in a nice gallery on the east side of midtown Manhattan. Their collection was very retro-like  and colorful as always. But the main color of their collection for this seizon was the color purple, which is by the way the favorite color of Toni, one of the owners of HH.

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  • Designer Toni of Hayden Harnet goes barefoot for Dollface

    Owner and Fashion Designer Toni of Hayden Harnett takes her shoes of for Dollface Magazine when I’d visit HH at their presentation for New York Fashion Week 09/11 ! Now we can even get a better look at her Memphis Cutout Pumps! How adorable they are!  

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  • Hayden Harnetts Hottest Item: The Purple Handbag!

    Hayden Harnetts designer Toni tells me that her favorite color is the color purple.

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